Cereal Bowl Set

Cereal Bowl Set

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Cereal Bowl Set

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Product Name
Cereal Bowl Set
Item Size(cm)
Cereal Bowl : Ø10.8 x 9 / 470mL Spoon : 4.5 x 17
Cereal Bowl- Glass Spoon-Stainless Steel
Product Components
Bowl 1EA + Spoon 1EA / 1SET
Country of manufacture
Precautions for handling
Be careful not to hurt your hand from sharp edges. Keep away from hot, humid places and direct sunlight. Do not use it for purposes other than originally intended. This product is not a toy. [Cereal Bowl] Please be aware that the printings may peel off when scratched with sharp objects. Gently wash the product with a neutral detergent. Do not clean using abrasive scrubbers or coarse cleaners as they may cause damage. Use soft sponges to clean. Do not place the product in boiling water for sterilization. Do not use the product in a microwave, a dishwasher, or an oven. Keep away from fire. Please be aware that this product may be damaged when exposed to impact and sudden changes in temperature. Please be aware that this product may cause injury with broken fragments when damaged. Stop using this product if it shows signs of damage (cracks, scratches, or chipping). [Spoon] Please sanitize, clean, and remove polishing residue before using the stainless steel product for the first time. Use soft sponges to clean. Using acidic or chlorine-based cleaning agents may damage and discolor the product. If left exposed to moisture for an extended period, the surface of the product may rust. Prolonged storage and use may cause deformation or discoloration.

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