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Flying Disc

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Product Name
Flying Disc
Product material
Size (cm)
23 (Diameter) x 2 (Depth) The size displayed above may differ depending on the point of measurement.
Flying Disc 1 ea
Country of manufacture
Instructions for care and handling
・Target age: 12 years or older ・Do not use this product in windy conditions, as it is easily swept away by the wind, which is dangerous. ・Do not throw the product at a person's head, face, or eyes as this may cause unexpected injury. ・When using the product indoors, make sure that it is a safe place where there are no dangerous substances in the surroundings, and use it carefully. ・Do not use the product near roadways, railroad tracks, power lines, etc., or in crowded or dark places to avoid the risk of accidents. ・If the product gets caught in a tree or on the roof of a building, do not climb up to pick it up, as it is dangerous. ・For small children, please explain them the correct use of the product before use and make sure they use it with their parents or guardians. ・Do not apply excessive pressure or shock to the product. ・Do not use the product if it is damaged. ・To prevent deformation or damage, avoid storing this product in direct sunlight, in high temperature and humidity, or near fire. ・Wipe with a soft cloth, gauze, or damp towel if soiled. ・Please note that contact or friction with sharp-edged or hard objects may cause the paint to chip or scratch the surface. ・Please note that due to the nature of this product, wear and tear, and discoloration will occur with a frequency of use and the passage of time. ・Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.
Quality assurance standards
In accordance with relevant laws and the criteria for the settlement of consumer disputes
Product support manager and phone number
Weverse Shop Customer Center : 1544-0790

About Return and Exchange

Returns & Exchanges
My -> My Orders -> Order Details -> request return/exchange
Please refer to the FAQ for more details
Return & Exchange Period
The customer must request a return/exchange within seven days from the date of receiving the product.
In cases where the product does not match the indicated/advertised content or is not performed according to the contract, withdrawal of the offer is possible within three months after receiving the product.
(However, in the case of a change of mind, only returns are possible. Exchanges will not be allowed.)
Return & Exchange Fees
If the customer wishes to return the product due to a change of mind, the customer bears the shipping costs.
In the case of defective products, product mismatches, or returns due to delivery issues, the seller covers the shipping costs.
Notes for Refunds & Exchanges
Refunds & exchanges may be restricted in the following cases.
Where the product is destroyed or damaged due to a cause attributable to the customer (except in cases where the package is opened for checking the content);
Where the product's value has substantially decreased due to the customer's total or partial use or consumption (including the redeeming of digital codes);
Where the value of the product has substantially decreased due to the elapse of time, making resale difficult or impossible;
Where the package of copyable products has been destroyed (where the packaging of copyable products including albums, books, video publications, photocards, postcards, and posters is opened);
Where making of the made-to-order product has already proceeded (where irreparable damage to the seller is foreseen, and the seller has obtained written consent acknowledging that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised due to such foreseen damage);
Where some components of the product have been used, lost, or are not resalable due to damage/failure/contamination caused by mishandling, or the product is returned with some components missing;
Refunds & exchanges in each product category may be restricted for the following cases:
Clothing, bags, shoes, fashion accessories
Where the product's value has substantially decreased due to washing, stains on the product, odor from fragrance or deodorant, signs of use, etc.
Albums, books, video publications
Where the copyable product's packaging has been opened;
Where some components of the product have been used, lost, or are not resalable due to damage/failure/contamination caused by mishandling;
Where the product is returned with some components missing;
Exchange is only possible for the same product and the same options in the case of defective products. In other cases, you must return the defective product and make a new purchase.
Even if an exchange request is made, if the seller does not have the stock for the item to be exchanged, the exchange is not possible. In this case, the order for the relevant product will be canceled, and a refund will be processed to the payment method used for the purchase.
Compensation for Consumer Damages and Refund Delays:
Matters related to returns, exchanges, after-sales service, refunds, quality guarantees, and compensation for damages due to defective products are handled in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria set by the Korea Fair Trade Commission.
Conditions and procedures for refund and compensation for delay are processed in accordance with the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce of South Korea.
For international customers
Some regulations may apply only to South Korean customers. For detailed information for international customers, please check the FAQ or contact Customer Support.
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